Achieve in Africa builds classrooms and provides after-school learning programs in rural parts of Africa that are often overlooked. We believe education is the answer for solving poverty, hunger, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Through education, we hope to give children in Africa the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives, and inspire future generations.

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  1. Hi,
    I came upon your website, looking at the work your organization is doing, I really admire it.
    At the moment I am working, mostly on a volunteer basis in Ghana. I’m working with Liberian Refugees outside of Accra in the Buduburam camp. Unfortunately, they have a significant lack of funding. I am trying to organize this, but seem to be coming across difficulties. If you are at all interested and would like more information, or could recommend other charitable organizations that you think would be willing to help please let me know. http://www.refugeeschool.blogspot.com/
    Our teachers have not been paid for the past two months and the feeding program has not been able to operate for the past year. Previous sponsors are now working with the Carolyn A. Miller schools in Liberia.
    Thanks so much,
    Sierra Valentina Gilboe

  2. In June I visit a small village in Tanzania on Lake Victoria. Like you my group was struck by the poverty in the area and the needs of the very small school in the village. We vowed to help that school by sending supplies. We spoke with the school director and got a list of needed supplies. We have sent two cartons of basic classroom supplies and have more to send. However, we have not heard from the schol director to let us know that she has received them. We need to communicate with her – she has an email address but has not responded. How do you communicate with your school? Do you send money to the school or materials? Do you know of a group in Tanzania that you trust to make contact with the school? We are afraid that the supplies have been stolen but can not confirm that.

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