Why Pardeese Is Committed to AIA

 When asked why she is committed to Achieve in Africa this is what team member Pardeese had to say.


My parents always told me that anything in life can be lost; your car, your home, your bank account…but the one thing that you will always have is your education. Taking this advice to heart, education and school have been a huge focus of my life. From a young age school has been the place I’ve gone to explore my personality and challenge myself. From elementary school through university-learning, I have always found myself valuing education both inside and outside of the institution of education. I feel that education isn’t just what you do for the first two decades of your life and grow out of. Education is a life-long process that everyone should have the ability to explore and thrive from. When I found that Brendan (one of the founders and an old pal of mine) was working on a non profit that at its core hits so close to my heart I knew that I wanted to help in any capacity that I could. I want to use my experience in public-relations, branding, and project management to help AIA in every way I can. My commitment to AIA is rooted in my life-long commitment to education. I am truly proud of the work that AIA does and continues to do and I feel so blessed to be sharing these experiences with such a motivated and bright young people with similar outlooks. I am so excited to help AIA grow and I can’t wait to see all the great things the AIA team will accomplish in the near future.

– Pardeese Ehya

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