The Importance of Education Across the Globe

Here are some of AIA team member Katrina’s reflections on the importance of education all over the world.
I was recently asked to sign a petition to increase the number of charter schools in the United States.  This reminded me of some documentaries I have seen about the NYC charter schools system. These documentaries follow underprivileged families who are counting on education “lotteries” to pull their children from a future of poverty and violence. However, due to high demand and limited open seats, many are turned down and forced to attended their designated public school. As expected, the prosperous schools exist in the affluent neighborhoods, and their poor counterparts must face high dropout rates, strained resources, and crumbling facilities.
Good education is a resource that every child-in all countries and from all demographics-should have access to. And it’s sad that even in America, in one of the most successful countries in the world, that a family should have to fight for or roll the dice on a quality education.
– Katrina Schweithelm
What are your thoughts on access to education in America? Leave a comment below!
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