How Can Preschool Change the World?

When you were four or five-years-old did you attend preschool?  Chances are that you probably did, since according to the World Bank 69% of Americans attended preschool as of 2010.

I attended preschool as a child and most of my memories include waiting impatiently for the school bus, singing songs, and playing with blocks and beads more than actual learning.  It doesn’t seem all that important, but singing the ABCs is what will teach a child to read, circle time and learning to share will show a little boy or girl respect and kindness toward others that will stay with him or her forever.  Learning before primary school is the foundation for all the years of education to come.

Olasiti primary school classroom.

A recent study conducted by the World Bank on a Save the Children preschool program in rural Mozambique agrees.  The results reported stated that children who attended preprimary school were 24% more likely to enroll in primary school and were far better off when they reached primary school.  In addition to having more knowledge, the children in the program were more interested in learning math and writing than those who were not and had more respect for other children. Preschool also had positive effects on students’ families as parents of children in school were more likely to work and their older siblings were also more able to attend school.  The best part? This program that set kids on an excellent path for future learning only cost $2.47 per month per child. The worst part? In Tanzania, where Achieve In Africa is currently working on several education initiatives only 33.2% of children attended preprimary school in 2010 according to the World Bank.

Studies and programs like these show how important and impactful education programs can be.  If preschool is so important then imagine the significance of primary and secondary education.  Primary and secondary school is where many students learn how to read and write, speak other languages, craft arguments, understand calculus, or perform chemistry experiments.

Support preprimary education.   Support education.  Support Achieve in Africa.  See how it changes the world.

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