Opportunity of a Lifetime

I often take time to reflect on the benefits and life changing effects that opportunity can bring to an individual.  During these moments of reflection, I appreciate how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to attend a top notch elementary school and high school and to have been admitted to a challenging university in Boston, MA – a city known for its intellectually stimulating environment – because of the benefits these educational experiences have brought me. I also recognize that there are countless young men and women around the world who have not received these opportunities for reasons that they had no control over and as a result are living very difficult lives that make the experiences and problems of my friends and I look simple.

During these points of reflection I also realize that this is what energizes me to volunteer for Achieve in Africa. For me, Achieve in Africa represents an avenue for me to help setup a platform to improve the education that youth are receiving. I strongly support the education focus of the Achieve in Africa organization because I know the most effective way the majority of the youth that we are helping are going to be able to improve their life trajectory is by giving them an opportunity at a good fundamental education. I believe Achieve in Africa is truly focused on getting the necessary tools, whether it is classrooms, books, desks, or course curriculum, to youth who will greatly benefit from a basic education.

As I was completing my undergraduate degree at Boston University I realized how many doors are opened through formal education. I believe that Achieve in Africa’s mission to improve the formal education experience for youth in rural regions Tanzania and in so doing giving them more opportunities in life is one that is inspirational and one that I am happy to be a part of.


– Sherrod, Business Development Director

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