Progress update: First Batch of Desks Complete!

 In our last field update, we shared the exciting news that our Secondary School had opened in Olasiti!  We also shared photos of desks that we were in the process of constructing for the classroom.  The desk construction is a necessary project because students are currently sitting on either bricks or old paint cans and containers  instead of desks.  Despite now having classrooms, students in the Secondary School lack their own personal space in which to effectively complete their work — a reality that can disrupt the learning process.

Students sitting on bricks and old paint containers during class.

Students carrying their "chairs" to school.


We are proud to say that our first batch of desks is now complete!  They have been moved into the classroom and are now being enjoyed by the students!

Students help unload their new desks and chairs.

Students sitting at their newly constructed desks.


We’re planning to build more classrooms for this Secondary School, enough to accommodate these students when they move on to the
next grade next year.  These students will need desks, as well.  We will be using funds we receive to continue classroom and desk construction for our Secondary School.  We have five classrooms already and we plan to build 19 additional classrooms so that the school can accommodate 6 grade levels (at four classrooms per grade level).  This is a cost of $10,000 per classroom. 50 desks are required for each classroom, and each desk can be constructed through a donation of $44.  Please consider helping us reach our goals by donating or connecting with Achieve in Africa in a variety of other ways.

Thank you for your continued support!

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