Updates from the field!

We have exciting updates from the field this week!  Olasiti’s Secondary School has officially opened for the first grade level of students!  Below are several pictures that show the progress we have been making on the school construction.

We are in the process of constructing desks for each classroom.  50 desks are required for each classroom, and each desk can be constructed through a donation of $44.

The stand-alone structure featured below holds bathrooms for the first grade level of students coming into the secondary school.  The last picture shows the bathroom on far left with the five new classrooms that make up the beginning of our school.

We have five classrooms already and we plan to build 19 additional classrooms so that the school can accommodate 6 grade levels (at four classrooms per grade level).  This is a cost of $10,000 per classroom.  Our goal is ambitious, but with your support it is definitely attainable.  Please consider getting involved in one of three ways: donate, become an Ambassador, or bring us your connections.

Thank you!

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  1. This is exciting news! Safi!


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