Meet AIA team member Katrina!

Hello friends!  This week we are continuing with our efforts to help you get to know the AIA team better by introducing you to Katrina Schweithelm.  Katrina is our Graphic Design Volunteer and is a great asset to our team!  Please read Katrina’s words below to learn more about her and why she is dedicated to the work of Achieve in Africa!

“I was born in Indonesia, and also lived in a few other third world countries as a child.  My dad’s job, which brought us to these places, allowed me to go to great international schools.  My classmates were from all over the world,  and our teachers always made a point to celebrate all of our nationalities and customs.

However, close by, there were other children who lived in extreme poverty.  Education was a luxury for those kids,  because learning how to spell could not feed the family, and often everyone had work and pitch in.

Making education accessible and universal is a necessity for alleviating poverty and disease worldwide. Schools, like the ones being built in Olasiti, will fortify the next generations to be successful individuals and leaders of their community.

I volunteer with Achieve in Africa because I believe that literacy and comprehension give people the freedom to ‘paddle there own canoe.’  I hope that my small contributions can make a difference for one child, or an entire village.

Knowledge is an exponential resource, and I believe that we must help it develop in any way that we can.”

Please continue to check out our future posts to learn more about the AIA team and visit our website to stay up-to-date on our current projects!

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