Giving Back in a Different Kind of Way

Usually when organizations say they need your help, you expect that what they are looking for is in your wallet.  But this time, what we’re looking for is in your little black book.

Achieve in Africa is gearing up for some big things.

Now that we have made significant progress on the primary school, we want to provide Olasiti Village with its first and only secondary school.  Currently the village lacks access to secondary education opportunities, which means that even the brightest and most capable students are unable to continue past a primary education.  So far, five classrooms have been constructed, but a total of 24 classrooms are needed.   Currently, the school is  recognized as a secondary school by the Tanzanian government and will be provided with teachers. We are able to obtain significant cost savings on material and labor because of our established relationship with the village government of Olasiti and local suppliers. Classrooms can be constructed at a price of $10,000 per classroom.

We have set ambitious goals and we are confident that we can reach them – with your help.   Normally this is the part where we’d ask you to open your checkbook.  Instead, we’d like you to think of a name.   In order to expand our projects, we need to expand our community.   We want to grow our network and access new resources by building relationships.

Here is our wish list for connections we’d like to make in the future:

1. Celebrities– We need visible advocates for AIA who can effectively spread the word about our cause and rally others to support us as well.

2. Retail store owners or managers– We’re always looking for creative ways to acquire donations to continue our work.  We’re hoping that store owners and managers can help us by providing a % of sales of a certain item or brand to AIA.

3. Relevant organizations– We want to build new partnerships!  We’re looking to collaborate with organizations who can offer some sort of benefit to AIA, such as relationships with schools in needs, funding solar panels, or anything else related to our work.

4. Accountants– We are looking specifically for an accountant who would be willing to provide a pro-bono audit for AIA.  This will allow us to apply for more grants and increase our potential funding (note: this person might need to be based in CA since that’s where our HQ is located).

5. Media outlets– We need people to share our story! So we’re looking for contacts in the media that are interested in our work so we can give them updates about our work for potential news coverage; these can be bloggers, editors of newspapers, etc.

6. Everybody else– We want to get the word out about AIA any way possible.  We need help from people who have access to large networks (social, professional, etc.) that can spread the word to a wider audience that may be able to help us with the above listed needs. If you belong to any groups, teams, Greek Life organizations, alumni associations, etc., this includes you!

So here’s where you come in.  Giving back is about more than just giving a few dollars or a few hours of your time.  Giving back means sharing the resources you have – whether that be money, time, physical goods, ideas, or in this case, connections.  In a very simple way, you can help us grow.  Please consider sharing your valuable contacts with us so that we can expand our community and expand our impact.

Thank you for your continued support!

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