Introducing an AIA team member: Nathan!

Hello Everyone! Nathan here… Achieve In Africa, Inc.’s Fundraising Director and Regional Ambassador of the West Coast.  I started with AIA about 4 years ago when the organization was first conceptualized.  Upon learning more of Tanzania’s limited educational infrastructure after the first relief trip in 2007, I immediately hopped on board as a Fundraising Coordinator.  The goals were simple: inform others of the education challenges in Tanzania, and raise funds for projects including supplying school gear, desks, and classrooms to promote better learning environments.  As an individual who values education and the opportunities it provides, I encourage you all to reflect on how much an impact education can have on one’s life.  This is why we do what we do.

A recent article I came across illustrates how children in Tanzania are not given opportunity to finish even basic education. Passing the Form 6 exam ushers the completion of secondary education in Tanzania, but only 54,929 are sitting for this examination out of a population of more than 42 million.  Let us work together to push this number even higher!

– Nathan

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