Facts for International Education Week

In case you couldn’t tell from the title…IT’S INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK!

In honor of this week we want to highlight the importance of education and recognize the incredible impact that quality education can have around the world.  USAID has put out an infographic that shares information about how education can help individuals overcome poverty.  It’s a great reminder that education is the foundation to human development.  Education has a far-reaching impact on our lives – whether it be through our economic, social, or physical well-being.  Below are some facts that we’d like to share from the infographic.


A child born to an educated mother is 2x as likely to survive to age five.

Educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunize their children than mothers without an education.

Every extra year of schooling increases  productivity by 10-30%.

Individual earnings increase by 10% for each year of school completed.

A girl who completes basic education is 3x less likely to contract HIV/AIDS.

Educated women re-invest 90% of their income in their family.  Men invest 30-40%.

But still today…

1 in four women around the world cannot read this sentence.

Girls make up 53% of the children out of school.

98% of people who can’t read live in developing countries.


Be grateful for the education that you have received – but continue to look critically at the improvements that must be made in education throughout the world.   As an organization, we are working hard to bring about some of those improvements, so please consider supporting us and joining us in our efforts!

Enjoy this wonderful week!

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