Every 1 can make a difference

It’s Anti-Poverty Week!  Well…at least in Australia it is.  But why waste an opportunity to combat a global issue that directly affects the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants?  Currently, almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.

One woman in Australia hopes to fight this reality one dollar at a time.  Sophie Bartho started the 1$day fundraising campaign in the hopes that people will take the time to make a $1 donation on 1 day (Oct. 20th) to help bring an end to poverty.  The 1$day website includes a clear description of the goal of the project:

“Why do some have basics like a meal, an education, a safe home, a safe community, a peaceful country, and others do not?  And especially children – who can’t choose their circumstance, and are born into them.

There are lots of charities doing excellent work to improve these inequities but they need more money.

Together we can collectively change these inequities. We are launching a phenomenal fundraising event – it is called 1$day. One day every year, when we ask everyone who can, to give $1 for those who can’t. Just $1 regardless of your CEO salary, or your student pocket money. Just $1.”

Whether you’re Australian or not, take Ms. Bartho’s message to heart.  Every dollar brings us one step closer towards bringing people services and resources that can improve their lives.  There ARE lots of charities doing excellent work to improve these inequalities (I can think of one in particular…) but they (we) need more money.

While I appreciate the efforts and the intent behind the 1$day fundraising effort, this concept should extend far beyond October 20th.  Any dollar you give on any day of the week can go a long way towards providing a child with a quality education.   I challenge you to think about how you spend your dollars each day and consider the impact you could make by redirecting even just one of those dollars towards helping change the world.


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