Using Social Media for Social Good

When I started out as the Communications Intern for AIA, I had previously only explored social media outlets for my personal use.  I quickly learned that using social media for a non-profit organization was an entirely different beast.  In the time that I have worked with AIA I have learned a lot simply through gaining first-hand experience with our different forms of communication.  I have also realized the wide variety of resources available for those seeking to improve their media outreach.  In particular, several blogs have been helpful in outlining the do’s and don’t with respect to social media.  While perusing online resources, I upon a post on Ventureneer, which includes their list of the 25 Best Social Media for Social Good blogs.  The list is accompanied by descriptions of each blog so that newbies and tech-savvy readers alike can find information to fit their particular needs.  My personal favorite is Nonprofit Tech 2.0, which provides guidance for using social media in a way that is particularly relevant to non-profits.

I am amazed by the vast amount of valuable information available on this particular topic.  While I am pleased with the progress that AIA continues to make in utilizing social media, it is clear that we still have a lot of room left for meaningful growth.

If there are social media resources that you have found helpful, please be sure to comment!




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