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March 23, 2011

Why I Intern for Achieve in Africa

My name is Yejide Olutosin. I am junior African Studies major and French minor at Howard University. My name is Yoruba, from Nigeria – where my father is from. My mother is from St. Thomas, USVI. I am originally from Atlanta, GA.Yejide Olutosin Achieve in Africa intern

I came to DC because I am interested in pursuing a career in foreign diplomacy and international relations. My long-term career goals are to become a Foreign Service Officer and eventually an Ambassador to an African francophone country. I am interested in AIA’s mission because I wholeheartedly believe that education is paramount in Africa’s development. AIA is an organization that truly believes in helping Africa, by providing the tools necessary for the people in Tanzania to reach their full potential.

As an intern, I hope to gain further knowledge about Achieve in Africa, Inc. as well as learn about how international non-profits are run. Furthermore, I hope to gain educational work experience which will allow me to relate what I am learning as an African Studies major to the real world. This hands-on internship will give me the understanding and experience that is necessary for me to achieve my own personal career goals and thrive in my future endeavors.

– Yejide

March 12, 2011

Time to Re-energize the AIA Blog

After taking a hiatus from the AIA Blog (read: got a new job and got overwhelmed), I think it’s time to bring the blog back to life. Thankfully, I have a wonderful intern, Yejide, to help me keep it up-to-date and add her great insights and experiences.

Even though I haven’t been updating the blog, the progress with AIA is moving along remarkably.  We have completed the Olasiti Primary School classrooms, are almost finished with the Community Learning Center in southern Tanzania, and are now fundraising for the first-ever Secondary School in Olasiti Village in norhtern Tanzania. We also have launched a new website and video.

Keep on the look out for Yejide’s first post, where she’ll tell you about her background and what she hopes to get out of working with AIA.