Cause of the Moment: Grace Foundation International

Since launching the web site for Achieve in Africa, we’ve received a lot of emails from other non-profits to let us know about their causes or perhaps develop a partnership. Since our organization is so small (Brendan, myself, and a bunch of hard-working coordinators and board members), we can’t fundraise for all these awesome causes that we find out about through emails or just from browsing web sites of other NPOs. So, I’m going to try to introduce new causes I find out about and share them here to help spread the word.

Cause of the Moment: Grace Foundation International
Location: Kenya, Africa
Purpose: Education improvement (schools, scholarships, etc.)
How I Found Out About It: Email

Soon after AIA began, I got this email and was supremely touched by the sentiment. The founder of this organization is as heartfelt as it comes, congratulating us on our efforts and inviting us into the movement for social change in Africa. The email read:

“I am pleased to inform you that on visiting your website and having a glimpse of what you’re doing in our neighboring country, Tanzania, I am indeed encouraged. I say so because our organization, Grace Foundation
International (GFI) is involved in assisting the marginalized rural communities in their effort to improve their living standards.

As GFI we believe that without education, a community is on the road to destruction. Education is power!!! I realize that AIA and GFI can learn quite a lot from each other, and it is for this purpose that I am contacting you. We are a local non-profit organization but we’re reaching out to overseas partners to learn from them and also for their hand in what we’re doing.

Welcome to visit us when you come to check on the progress of your projects in TZ.


Rev. Joseph K. Ronoh
Founder/President, GFI.”

So check out and help this awesome cause initiated by a truly amazing individual 🙂



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